Our Supporters

Thank you very much for your commitment to our project BIG BIKING CLEANUP, which has been shown in so many ways! The old wisdom is confirmed here: Together we achieve more.

One Earth – One Ocean

We only have one Earth and we don't need a second one. We need to protect and clean the water, because 70% of oxygen production takes place in the ocean. No oxygen - no living beings on earth.

That is why OEOO e.V. has taken up the cause of cleaning up waters worldwide and educating people.

OEOO e.V. is the first German NGO to set up a functioning marine litter collection project.


Europe's largest supplier of outdoor equipment helps us to set out into nature with its product line "A GREENER CHOICE" using materials that are as free of pollutants, recycled or reused as possible.

Globetrotter is constantly working to make its range more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With its partners in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, Globetrotter will support us in generating awareness for our plastic waste collection campaign in these countries as well.


Thinking ahead. Doing business with care. And act with heart. That is the motto of Vaude. The development of sustainable products has top priority here.

Since 2012, the company headquarters in southern Germany has been operating climate-neutrally, and since 2022, all Vaude products have been. This makes them the "greenest" German outdoor outfitter.


The bike clothing manufacturer Triple2 from Germany produces its entire collection in Europe and uses old fishing nets for nylon production. Many garments are made from merino wool, recycled PET bottles, an ecological wood fibre or organic cotton. There are no PFC-containing impregnations and only recycled, compostable paper is used for packaging, catalogues and hangtags.

Triple 2 is our first choice for cycling shorts, jackets or warmers.


Our fundraising campaign can only work with the help of communication tools such as mobile phones or tablets. We will be using social media every day. Our job is blogging, posting films and photos online to motivate our followers to donate for the SeeHamster.

A documentary film will later report on our adventure. For this, we need state-of-the-art technical equipment that will allow us to film and process data on the road. Here, too, sustainability is very important to us and therefore we are happy that GRAVIS supports our journey. At GRAVIS, Apple devices can be rented, shared and recycled and thus always get back into the cycle-system.


Komoot helps us plan our routes, which we must adapt to the conditions every day. We not only depend on always finding the right way, but also on finding a place to recharge our batteries every day. This is where the Komoot app will be very helpful.

Networking with our social media channels and our website is also supported by Komoot. So, you will have the opportunity to follow our journey virtually. In March 2022 Komoot counts 25 million users, now we have added two more 🙂.


ILockit is headquartered in Brandenburg an der Havel. This is also where the state-of-the-art locks are manufactured.

Our lock model is a high-tech device with automatic locking and alarm function as well as GPS. If our beloved bikes are stolen, we can locate and track them via the ILockIt app.

This ingenious lock was created through a crowdfunding campaign that was launched in 2019.

If you want it to be even safer, you can even get bike insurance on board with ILockit 360.


Lichtblick, headquartered in Hamburg, provides electricity from 100% hydroelectric power produced in Germany.

We are very pleased that Lichtblick, in cooperation with Globetrotter, will be letting people pedal for money on special ergometers at 14 outdoor festivals, which will go towards funding the Seahamster. We hope for diligent cyclists and a decent sum for One Earth - One Ocean e.V.

Velo Lab

Our cargo bikes are made by Velo-Lab. The bikes are not sponsored, but we believe that the combination of a sleek, sporty, lightweight cargo bike and the Neodrives electric drive system will enable us to ride eighty kilometres a day, in addition to collecting plastic waste and transporting it to the nearest recycling centre.

Not to mention that we will often be travelling in challenging terrain. You need a strong and reliable bike for that.

We already love our bikes and have given them names. Markus' bike is called SilverSurfer, Andreas' bike BlackPanther.


After Erik Lorenz, the host of Germany's most successful travel and adventure podcast, invited us to talk to him about our hiking book "Wilder wird's nicht", he will also support us with this project.

Once a week, we will send him an audio post of about ten minutes and are looking forward to being represented on his podcast in this way.

TIGER Design

Whether customers, employees or service providers: at all points where brands have contact with people and machines, they continue to evolve. Everything you do and don't do influences how people perceive brands. Actively manage this process - before it happens on its own.

As a passionate nature lover, I am happy to support Andreas and Markus in their great project by building this website and designing the logo. ✌️


MAGPED supports us with their innovative magnetic pedal system.

Neither of us has any experience with clipless pedals and there is a big risk that we won't be able to get off the pedals quickly enough in a dangerous situation. A fall with about 30kg of luggage and 25 kg of heavy e-bikes is definitely not something we want to experience. That's why we are happy to be equipped by our Austrian supporters Paul and Harald and their company MAGPED. After the tour, we will certainly be able to tell you some of our experiences with this ingenious, simple and clever system.


Our partner to turn our project Big-Biking-Cleanup into an exciting and moving travel cinema film is the young and ambitious Munich film production FILMCREW also called FREW.

Just like us, FREW is interested in creating something not only as an end in itself, but a film should also have a sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable impact on our society.

FREW is responsible for perhaps the most beautiful and inspiring bicycle travel film ever: BIKING BORDERS. It makes us very proud to have it in our bike basket.


Antje, the boss of Optipus, has been supporting Markus for ten years with glasses for his acting roles.

Now she is supporting him with a model of glasses made from old fishing nets and special lenses that ensure that you don't always have to switch back and forth between reading, sunglasses and distance glasses while cycling.

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