The Project

Why and where we are on the road

How a failure turned into a friendship and eventually the Bike Brothers

Our Motivation

For about 35 years, we have been independently going out into nature and drawing strength and recreation for our lives from our encounters with it. Now it is time to give something back to nature.

We also see our rubbish collection campaign as a symbolic act of reparation. Apart from that, we are very happy to see that a new generation of committed environmental activists is growing up, with the signs pointing to action. The looming climate catastrophe calls on each and every one of us to make a difference. No one can avoid this.

Even two middle-aged men like us are called upon to face up to our responsibility towards this planet and make a difference. If young and old act together, we can do it!

True to the motto:
There is nothing good unless you do it.
Or, for those who prefer it international:
Don't talk the talk - walk the walk.

The BBC campaign is intended to draw attention to the problem of plastic waste on the planet, to focus on the idea of maritime waste disposal and to show that the organisation One Earth - One Ocean e.V. has already been in existence for ten years, in which people actively work to clean up our oceans.

For our tour, we are using electrified cargo bikes to show that we consider them a viable answer to an environmental change of transport in cities and rural areas.

Furthermore, we make the "greener choice" in our equipment wherever possible and show what is now also possible in this area. That is why we are also particularly proud and happy about our partners who support us in this.

We also use our project to raise funds for a great environmental organisation called One Earth - One Ocean e.V. 👇👇👇

The Tour

On 14th of April 2022, we're off!

We will start with our electrified cargo bikes from the Globetrotter headquarters at Wiesendamm 1 in Hamburg (Link to Google Maps) and set off along the Elbe towards the North Sea.

For three months we will cycle 7600 km around the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, pitch our tents near the coasts and clean the beaches of plastic waste wherever possible and necessary. Washed-up fishing nets, plastic bags, PET bottles, plastic canisters - we will collect what has no place in nature, weigh and document the rubbish and transport it on our cargo bikes to the nearest recycling centre or waste collection point.

We will cycle through nine countries: Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. The original route also took us through Russia and the exclave of Kaliningrad, but we had to take this part out due to Putin's reprehensible attack on Ukraine.

You can follow us throughout the tour on our social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. In addition, we are using these channels for a fundraising campaign.

With our Big Biking Cleanup Tour, we want to collect donations for the non-profit organisation ONE EARTH - ONE OCEAN e.V.,

One Earth - One Ocean e.V. runs a maritime waste collection service, and we have set ourselves the goal of collecting enough money for a new boat.

This is the SeeHamster, which cleans the rivers in Egypt, Cambodia or Indonesia from plastic waste. We think it is especially important that the operation of such a boat creates local jobs, that environmental protection gets a social component and that it becomes a round thing.

For this, we are happy to pedal our butts over 7600 km.

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Here you can follow our tour and see where we will be on the road the next day ... at least if everything works out as expected. Maybe we will see each other there and collect the plastic waste on the beaches together.

A somewhat different beach party, but sustainable in the most positive sense 😉!

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