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Sure, that is possible ūüėÄ!
This are the account details of:

One Earth – One Ocean e.V.:
IBAN: DE47 7016 3370 0004 1108 70

Note to payee: ‚ÄěBig Biking Cleanup for SeeHamster‚Äú

Many thanks to all donors ūüíô

We have a lot planned for the next 88 days. Riding 7600 km, collecting plastic waste every day and, if possible, disposing of it at a recycling centre.

With the amount of luggage and equipment we're aiming for, we'll only manage the 80 -100 km a day with electric assistance. Our adventure should also be fun, so we will be busy looking for a power socket every day.

The honest answer is that we don't really know either.

We will have to plan a break of about two hours every day to recharge our batteries, which can be at a café, a petrol station, a supermarket or even once with a friendly local.

That's why we've also registered on the portal for cycle travellers, If any of you out there have a tip, an app or any other brilliant idea on how we can overcome this logistical challenge, let us know on Instagram.

It was a real task and took us countless enquiries and emails, zoom meetings but also personal meetings. We are financing the trip for the most part out of our own pockets and still wanted to show what is already possible in terms of sustainability when it comes to equipment. If we had had to buy these ecological, recycled or reprocessed items of equipment or functional cycling clothing ourselves, our travel budget would have exploded immeasurably. Therefore, we started an internet search and looked at which manufacturers or equipment suppliers exist on the market that come as close as possible to our sustainable approach. On the equipment and supporters page you can see who they are and with witch items they helped us.
We use PayPal to transfer our donations to the account of One Earth - One Ocean e. V. (OEOO). For this service, PayPal retains a 2% transfer and processing fee above a certain amount, the remaining 98% goes directly to OEOO e.V. and our SeeHamster.

PayPal will automatically send you an email back showing your donation. However, you will only receive a real donation receipt if your donation exceeds 300 euros. This has to do with the administrative effort that results for the registered association. OEOO will then issue the receipt automatically and send it to you by email.

First of all, we want to bring the BIG BIKING CLEANUP to a successful conclusion, then edit the film, write the book, go on a lecture tour and when all that has happened, we will certainly have found our next project and a new challenge.

Yes, but we can only think about the content once we have finished the tour. Because even though we would sometimes like to, neither Andreas nor Markus can see into the future.

You can read minds, that's exactly what we want to do! For this project we have the film production company FILMCREW on board. They made the brilliant travel film BIKING BORDERS and will help us finish and distribute the film after the tour is over.

Sure, that would be great of you guys. The best way to do that would be to check out where we are on our website, on our Instagram account or directly on Komoot.

Through the Komoot app, we share our expected tour section each day and where we plan to pitch our tent.

If you live near there or are close to the coast, we'd be happy to lend a helping hand. You can contact us via Instagram, just write something in the comment list.

We read every feed - we promise.If you have a suggestion for a beach that needs to be cleared of plastic, please let us know - we will try to include it in our tour planning.

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